Get to know more about Optimum Patient Care

Research in difficult to treat asthma (DTT) to develop and test novel quality improvement tool for specialist centres in the UK and worldwide

WHAT are we trying to do:
·        Research the algorithms required to identify patients with modifiable disease factors and patients who require biological treatment
·        predict patient-specific treatment response to biologic therapies so clinicians could deasign individualised treatment plans for patients
·        Develop a fully sustainable web-based interface that features remote access for specialists to record information from consultations and patients to input clinical data from questionnaires
WHY are we doing this (our ultimate aim):
To develop a sustainable tool for managing patients with difficult to treat asthma
WHERE can this tool be used:
Specialist centres
WHEN are we doing this:
NOW to May 2025
HOW will the study impact clinical practice:
machine learning algorithms will enable data driven tools that support specialists

WHO will benefit:
Patients with chronic diseases (e.g., asthma and COPD), infectious diseases (e.g., Covid-19) and rare diseases (e.g., Pompe & Fabry)