Get to know more about Optimum Patient Care

Research on chronic conditions, infectious diseases, and rare diseases to develop and test novel quality improvement tools in the UK and worldwide

WHAT are we trying to do:
·        Research the algorithms required to interpret data within extracted EMR and patient reported data to test efficacy
·        Trial new algorithms which will identify and flag patients who are at risk and not consulting GPs to help identify those at risk of future poor clinical outcomes.
·        Develop and test a fully sustainable web-based interface for patients to input questionnaire data and for primary care physicians to report on clinical matters in a holistic approach across a spectrum of diseases

WHERE can the study be applied
GP clinics
WHY are we doing this (our ultimate aim):
To develop new tools and advancements for physicians’ use in clinical practice.
WHEN are we doing this:
NOW to January 2028
HOW will the study impact clinical practice:
Patients with underlying conditions who go undetected by their GPs